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Indian Natural Straight  

Provides 100% natural Indian virgin raw hair 


which means our hair is never chemically treated and its from single donor that manually collected from Indian temple that retains all the cuticles of the hair are guaranteed to be in the same direction & not tangle.


indianhair our products presentation works perfectly for Hair Salons, Beauty Shops and re-seller Boutiques that are interested in re-selling a great product.


Our hair products are specializes in strictly virgin hair products that are unprocessed. which is 100% real natural Indian virgin temple raw hair

When you use our products it looks natural and behaves like your own natural hair.


able to create any desired hairstyle makes women feel self-confident and beautiful.


Raw Hair Impex  Enterprises manufacture & Exports 100% Natural Indian Virgin Raw Hair that can blow-dried - colored and undergo other treatments without affecting their quality and integrity.

Our natural unprocessed Indian virgin temple raw hair is sourced from the Indian temple and each weft bundle is sourced from one single donor. It is in its natural form which mean unprocessed original quality.


Raw Hair Impex Provides 100% Natural Indian Virgin Raw Hair 



Due to their origin, our 100% natural Indian virgin raw human hair extensions tend to be off black/dark brown.


The straight hair weft bundles you receive will have a combination of both shades. If you wish to do alterations like bleaching or dying or ironing please consult a professional stylist in order to guarantee the product’s durability.


Raw Hair Impex Provides 100% Natural Indian Virgin Raw Hair 


Our hair extensions we manufacture that will also allow you to get a wavy hair style when you want it by just dampening your hair or letting it air dry after washing it.


To get the hair straight again you just have to use a flat iron or blow-dry the hair extensions. However please consult a experienced skilled hair stylist before doing any alteration.

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